Cultural Abstraction

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Many came to follow Alice as she made her return journey down the rabbit hole. On the premier weekend, I too came to experience the fascination I held for the film of my childhood. Enraptured by the exciting imagery and nostalgia offered by this film, it is a must to watch it in 3D. Amid the many enthusiastic movie-goers, I waited in line to enter the theater even though I purchased tickets a day prior before they sold out. The anticipation was exceedingly high as bars were set by the various forms of promotion and numerous recognized actors.

For me, Alice in Wonderland was all about reliving a childhood experience, but after watching the film, I did not understand the hype—it was a bit excessive. It was a match made in heaven; there were elements typical of both a Tim Burton film and the original Disney film—the darkness, adventure, and fantastical images. While the original Alice from the Disney film is an endearing character in her whimsy and naivety, the new Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, portrayed a cynical young woman; she was heroic, but much less compliant. Nonetheless, Alice was still fascinating, and I think the complexity added richness to the film. The characters generated the feelings of dread, disparagement, and chaos that were part of the original film, but were disheartened—a product of the plot. The film was made for all ages; it appealed to the eager eyes of children and allowed parents to reminisce.

Although, it is an imitative adventure, the 2010 Alice in Wonderland is attractive to the imagination, offering depth and curiosity. I just felt it was disappointing because expectations were high and the storyline was mediocre and at times, lacked meaning. But, in watching a film, I suppose meaning is what many wish to escape. So, for a few moments, I sought a form of distraction. As I moved closer to the strangers in seats next to me so everyone could be accommodated, I was filled with the wonder that one experiences when assuming the role of a child. While I may not return to watch the film again, and I suggest that it is only watched in a theater amidst the enthusiasm of others, it was enjoyable and the film was a wonder to the eyes.


  1. Hello Lisa!
    I read your post at the blogcatalog. So here I am visiting.
    I’m karine, from Brazil. I didn’t have time yet to watch Alice in wonderland, but I’m very curious, now.

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