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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I went to watch Sex and The City 2 with my husband while other women entered with their partners or group of friends. It was entertaining to watch the idealistic lives of four rich women, even my husband found this film humorous. Much of the script created shock followed by laughter and I reccommend this film if you are looking for a comedy for a date night or a film to see with a group of girl friends.
In the SATC 2, Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda escape from their life with little hardship and go on vacation to Abu Dhabi. Equality and womens rights is a theme explored lightly throughout this film. In the beginning Miranda quits her job to make a stand for women having a voice. The issue is explored in a little more depth as they travel to a country where women are devalued and sexuality is you can imagine, Samantha creates humor through the satirical script. There are additional troubles in the lives of these women. Samantha's trouble is in dealing with aging menopause and miracualously her lack of interest in younger men. Carrie struggles being newly married and explores a non-traditional marriage while Charlotte's strife is exhibited as a mother and wife worrie about her husband having an affair with the nanny breaking down under the pressure. In the end, everything finds a way of working itself out for all of these women. Even Miranda is able to find an incredible job because all economic troubles are avoided...afterall, we go to movies to escape reality.

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  1. I like SATC too and it is one of the most amazing shows with a mix of every emotion. Personally I like Charlotte more than anyone else in the show.