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Monday, April 19, 2010

Contributing to National Debt...Relief

Most thought that the good times would last forever. Many spent like the well would never dry up. All of us are paying for it. These are the times where few are ashamed to say “I can’t afford this now” or “I lost my job;” it is a sad, but common occurrence. The excessive use of credit spiraled out of control and a gluttonous society could do little to obstruct its destructive path; the consequences were recognized too late. Headlines displaying stimulus packages, housing bubble, unemployment rates, foreclosures, declining value of the dollar, and inflated oil prices were widespread. It was experienced by every economic class—all of the people that had a false sense of security. A trillion dollars, while an incomprehensible number, was effortlessly reached in debt. Today I watched the national debt clock as it grew continuously.
Recession. Now what do we do? How do we respond to the consequences of consumerism and arrogance? We respond with panic. If only recession was just a word, a mere imagined phenomena. Instead, it represents dread for all of us, while some have become unresponsive. What do we do, how do we fix it? Many are discouraged and dizzied by seemingly impossible solutions; consumer’s confidence has sunk. Without an answer people try to ignore it, but the dread never goes away. The mistakes that were made continue to loom over us unrelentingly. But we can do something about it—we can take action. We can contribute money to relieve our national debt. Of course, not everyone is responsible for causing the recession, but all of us are affected, so why not help? If you are interested, fill out this form and donate!

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